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Last updated Oct 22, 2017

Where to start reading Ant-Man comics

Where to start reading Ant-Man comics

The original Ant Man, Hank Pym, was introduced in the 1962 Tales to Astonish #27, while the second Ant Man Scott Lang was introduced in the 1979 Marvel Premiere #47. These are great classic books, but I wouldn't recommend you start there if you're new to comics.

I recommend the 2015 series by Nick Spencer. This is a great series in story and art, and a perfect starting point. Scott is a good-hearted guy who makes a lot of mistakes, working to get his life together. If you've seen the Ant-Man film, you have a good idea of Scott's personality and the kind of humor you'll find here.

Here is Ant-Man and Astonishing Ant-Man in reading order:

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