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Last updated Apr 01, 2022

Where to start reading Ms. Marvel

Where to start reading Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is, in my opinion, the best new comic book character in at least the last decade. Her story is unique, inspiring, hilarious, and filled with genuine emotion. There is no book I recommend more highly, especially for new readers.

The story of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, began in 2014. You should be able to go in fresh, but there is a little backstory I like to tell people: There was an alien hero named Mar-Vell who went by the hero name Captain Marvel. His powers were transferred to an Air Force Major Carol Danvers, who became a hero under the name Ms. Marvel. Long after Mar-Vell's death, Carol Danvers took up the title Captain Marvel ( Where to start reading Captain Marvel ), leaving her old title Ms. Marvel unused. That is where this story begins.

All the Ms. Marvel books, in reading order:

After the fourth book, Ms. Marvel was "canceled" (not really) just like all of Marvel's comics for the big 2015 summer comic Secret Wars. You don't need to know anything about Secret Wars at all to continue Kamala's story without it:

Spider-Man began as a single issue in a canceled book. The comics that would become the Marvel Ultimate universe were only going to be a 5-issue mini-series. And a short story was all the team behind Ms. Marvel expected. But Ms. Marvel almost instantly cemented herself as an icon of the Marvel Universe, and her story continues to evolve under new creators today:

Avengers & Champions

All-New All-Different Avengers begins at the same time as Marvel Vol. 5: Super Famous. The stories here are completely independent of the main_Ms. Marvel_ series. However, if you want to branch out from Kamala into more comics, these books would be a great way to do so:

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