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Last updated Oct 09, 2021

Where to start reading Wolverine comics

Where to start reading Wolverine comics

The Marvel universe today is dominated by the Dawn of X. And while Wolverine is running missions and fighting for the future of Krakoa, I still think the best Wolverine-focused stories for new readers can be found in the recent past.


These self-contained books provide a lot of incredible content for readers. looking to get introduced to Wolverine.

Best of Wolverine collects some of the most incredible early issues that made Wolverine a fan favorite. Wolverine: Origin is as it sounds, the true story of Logan's earliest years, before the Weapon-X program. And Old Man Logan is an alternate-world story of a post-apocalyptic world where the villains won. That world's Logan has recently made his way to the main Mavel Universe, so you can continue his story here.

Laura Kinney, the All-New Wolverine

All-New Wolverine Omnibus I highly recommend the series All-New Wolverine. After the Death of Wolverine in 2014, his clone Laura Kinney (X-23) has taken up the mantle of Wolverine. I am consistently surprised by the action, humor and heart of this book. It has made Laura one of my favorite characters in the current Marvel universe, and the biggest reason I was excited to see her brought to the screen in the incredible movie Logan.

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