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Last updated Jun 18, 2018

Where to start reading Moon Knight

Where to start reading Moon Knight

The first book of the 2014 series of Moon Knight is the greatest action comic I have ever read ( followed closely by the 2016 Black Widow series ). After that, the writer and artist left the series, and I found book two to be awful, and three is just okay.

I recommend reading book one of the 2014 series, one of my favorite books of all time, and then skipping to the fantastic 2016 series.

Every book in the 2014 series, in reading order:

Every book in the 2016 series, in reading order:

In 2017, many Marvel series jumped their issue numbers to the total number of issues that character had had in every series. For Moon Knight, this meant the issue numbers jumped to #188, and the series continued with a new team, making it a great starting point for new readers:

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