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Last updated Dec 02, 2018

Where to start reading Daredevil

Where to start reading Daredevil

Like most characters, Daredevil's first comics don't much resemble the character you see on TV. Beginning in 1979, Frank Miller's work on Daredevil reinvented the character, and makes for a much better starting point than than Daredevil #1 for those that want to begin at the origins of the character.

Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson 1-3 and Born Again:

My personal favorite Daredevil series began in 2011. This is a lighter, funnier style, that still makes for a great, quintessential Daredevil story:

All books from Daredevil (2011) by Mark Waid:

Recently, the event Secret Wars ended, and every series started again after an 8 month gap in the story. During those 8 months Daredevil was somehow able to make the world forget his secret identity. If your interested in getting into current Daredevil, this is the place to start:

All books in Daredevil (2015), in reading order:

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