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Last updated Apr 29, 2019

Where to start reading Runaways Comics

Where to start reading Runaways Comics

Runaways is a fantastic comic book series, and now a Hulu web series. The books require no previous knowledge and are very self-contained. You can stop at any book along the way, but if you're like me, every book is going to have you wanting more.

Below is every book of RUNAWAYS (2003) and (2005) by original writer Brian K. Vaughan, in reading order:

After book three, the series continued for a bit with another writer, Terry Moore:

Runaways (2008) and other appearances:

For many years after that, the Runaways only got occasional mentions in the Marvel Universe, if at all. The announcement of the new Runaways series on Hulu had me so excited because I knew that meant Marvel would be bringing their series back, and it has more than exceeded expectations! Below are all volumes of the current Runaways series to date:

As a side note, don't be fooled by the recent Runaways: Battleworld series. This is an alternate-timeline story with only one member of the team.

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