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Last updated Apr 29, 2019

Where to start reading Silk comics

Where to start reading Silk comics

Cindy Moon, AKA Silk, was bitten by the same radioactive spider the same day Peter Parker was. The art of the series has an incredible amount of warmth. Her personality, a 20-something woman shut off from society since her teens, is like a millennial Kimmy Schmidt, trying to piece together her new life and her old life all at once, with plenty of Pokemon.

She is first introduced at the beginning of the 2014 series Amazing Spider-Man. Her story is then very, very slowly introduced across the issues leading up to Spider-Verse (full guide). After Spider-Verse Silk got her own series, and the way her character was written in her new series was a huge improvement and a great introduction for new readers interested in the character.

Silk (2015) paperback reading order:

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